Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Joyful Tears"

Here is the latest note from Rob. The photo was taken as Rob was on his way to the gym, by a friend of a friend who works at the MTC. So happy he is enjoying his time at the MTC. He sounds great! Just reading his letter brought "joyful tears" to us both. What an amazing experience! [Note: I have added a couple of explanatory notes in brackets, to give context.] "I'm doing fan-freaking-tastic! I'm leaving the MTC Monday morning at 3:35am -_- haha. At least I get to sleep on the plane lol ;). I don't know about the missionary choir. We didn't end up going. We ended up doing something else. [note:I had suggested he join the missionary choir for conference if he had the chance, since he'll be in the MTC during General Conference. -W] Me and my companion have made it a mission to meet all the people going to the West Indies while we are here. The two Sisters that are heading out are in our class and they are soooo rad but young. Haha. Forgot how emotional people are at that age. Guess I can't really talk too much considering I've been in tears (joyful tears) since like my first day. The spirit here is so seriously amazing. I don't even know how to explain the things I've seen here. One thing I do know is that God loves us so so much. I can confirm that I am here for a reason; like everything I've experienced here has not only fixed flaws that I personally have had but it is amplifying my strengths and it is the most crazy experience ever. My companion is an Australian Samoan who plays rugby. Haha. He's huge!!!! But we get along really well. He has a sweet spirit about him. Yesterday was pretty hard for him. He was on a spiritual high like all day and just was over zealous with confidence because our first two investigators went so well. But the third one really broke him because she was from China and had no concept of God in general. He then had a homesick breakdown. If you told me I was gonna be hugging a big Samoan with tears coming out of his eyes I wouldn't have believed you :P. He's a good kid though. Haven't gotten in any fights (yet) :), but the other kids I room with are pretty cool too. I think it's starting to go around the MTC that I'm an old man cuz I keep getting random people come up to me and ask how old I am -____- *insert old man emoji here*. Thanks for starting the blogspot for me. I appreciate it. You should get the whole branch on it - like send a mass email to all of them. Tell them to mail me. I see Matt's sister here a lot. She recently got sick:(. Kinda a bummer. I had the most amazing experience with Sacrament Meeting Sunday. I got up and bore my testimony and basically just told everyone how proud I am of them for making this decision. They finished the meeting by singing my favorite hymn, 'Be Still My Soul.' It 'killed me' as I put it earlier. Think that was the first time I really actually cried in a long time. I listened to Elder Bednar's talk that is only shared through the MTC and it seriously changed my life. He talked about how we need to think more outwardly, as in not being so selfish. These investigators are not about me. I'm not trying to win some kind of award. It's about them. It's about helping them come closer to Christ. It's hard to really say, but I think I'm starting to truly love these people that I'm teaching. Lol. Never thought I'd say that about a stranger cuz I don't do very well when it comes to genuinely caring about much of anything. Haha. But I'm more in tune with the Spirit now than I have ever been and I know the gospel is true. Pretty sure I've said that like a million times since I started writing my letter. Lol. Thank you for raising me in the Church. I'm glad you guys stayed so strong for me. I've gotten to share so many experiences with my district and they are all such cool people! One girls said on the first day that she knew someone back home (Hurricane, Utah) that knew me and when they found out where I was serving they mentioned me. Haha. First words she said to me, 'Elder Platt? Did You used to have a beard?' Haha. I was like 'Wait, what?' Haha. She still doesn't remember the name of the person who knew me, but he was an older couples missionary - I think he taught me in seminary? I don't know. It's still a mystery. But yeah, everyone in my district is so tight. We consider each other a second family and have been helping each other through this experience. It's funny cuz it feels a lot like high school, but when my prideful defensive mechanisms kick in I start to realize these are all worthy members here for the sole purpose of serving others. In other words, the people here are amazing! Food here is pretty good. It's hit or miss with most stuff, but I'm starting back on the diet - this time for 2 years - so I'm just having salads mostly. No phone calls yet either [I asked about whether or not he was taking phone calls from investigators -W] but maybe later? I don't know what they have planned for us exactly yet. We are teaching though! Like we just got done teaching this one investigator who sets up music equipment for DJs and we got to talk a little bit about him. It was really cool. He seems like he wants to change and wants to improve his life :P. The other 2 guys living with us include a guy from Nova Scotia? It's like eastern Canada. Lol. He doesn't even know how to spell it, so whatever. But the other guy is here from Utah. He shoots ducks. Like that's all he does and all he talks about. Bahaha. Anyway, I can't wait to leave for the West Indies, even though I'm not fully prepared for it yet. Lol. But I will be when the time comes. I'm just doing my best and turning everything to the Lord and everything seems to be working out well! Thanks again. Can't wait to talk to you again. I need to go, but keep sending those Dear Elder letters. They come to me right away, which is cool. Bye!"

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  1. This brought "Joyful Tears" to my eyes!! Love that boy! You and Roger are examples to so many. Rob is lucky to have such great parents!!