Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pictures from Pigeon Island

Rob was able to give us a little more information about last week's baptism in his email today. Also, it sounds like they had a fun P-day on Pigeon Island, and he continues to learn and grow in the gospel. Here are his notes from St. Lucia: "Heyo! Ya, the baptism was cool. The Elders before me had begun teaching Christina and she decided to take the plunge while we were there, so that was really cool! But anyways, lol, it was actually really cool. She was really nervous at first but Elder Hardy and I gave the talks during the opening and she said it really comforted her and all her cares kind of just went away, which was rad! She's always telling me she's going to beat me in church because 'Elder Platt, you play too much!' Her exact words. lol She keeps me in check. :P haha. I'm just trying to staying focused and have as much fun as possible. Some days are a lot harder than others, but it will all come to end sometime. One thing that really stood out to me was on Sunday during principles an investigator was confused about the Atonement. His question was, 'Why do we need to repent if we're never going to be perfect? why even try?' And I told him that just because we won't achieve it doesn't mean we have the option to stop trying, because one day we will all be judged and it doesn't matter how much we really accomplished, it just matters how hard we try. If we try our hardest then we will get our just reward. Then it kinda dawned on me. I'm like, ah crap, same applies to me. I shouldn't be judging myself because as long as I try my hardest I'll be rewarded justly. *face palm moment* lol So just gotta keep to the grind and push forward and not worry about it so much, ya know? Anyway, that's what I learned this week. That's cool Dad got to hang out with brother Jarman for a bit. Ya, me and Nate talk pretty often. Except now that he's a dad! Wild. I still can't believe that! But needless to say, I'm sure he's a very busy man these days. And ya! One year mark coming up. woot woot! Chances are time won't speed up, cuz I don't think I'm ever going to be done with this place. [In response to my report on the Super Bowl] Stinking Peyton Manning! meh. O well, I guess he deserves it, that old foggy. ;) lol Well, as far as the mission goes things here have been pretty rough. Just not a whole lot of success, :/ just constant little bits of progression then just back to their old ways. :P This guy Curtis that we've been teaching for a while just had like a break through experience where we watched the Restoration movie with him and he was like, "Wish I had seen that earlier! Now I get why Joseph Smith is so important," with this, that and the other thing. He also started reading the BoM and was like, "It just occurred to me that when I read it takes away my desire to smoke and I sleep better and it's awesome!"... Then we come over the next day and he's smoking weed with his friends and his friends get all up in our business about pointless doctrine like how Noah could possibly put EVERY animal in the ark if he would've needed to go to all parts of the world to get those animals and crap like that. We tried explaining the complexities of God but he was just disagreeing with everything and ya lol.... So we came to get him for church and he was like, "Nah, I'm not gonna go. I don't really think I believe in this anymore." So I'm just sitting there jaw dropped like "HOW!?" It's amazing to me how outside influence can just warp someone's entire perception. blah! O well. Agency is good I guess >.> lol Just kidding. It is just frustrating. Hopefully he'll come around again. I think we need to either just work with him more or drop him... hopefully not the latter tho. I've come to the realization that bashing is probably not the way to go. Doesn't ever convert anyone, all it does is make the person feel stupid and drive the Spirit away, so I'm gonna do better at that. lol Funny how Satan works tho. The day I decided to not bash anymore I had done studies that morning and finished The Great Apostasy (freaking awesome bashing book btw :P.) Anyways, it finishes off basically talking about all the corrupt things the Catholic church did early on in like the dark ages and stuff. But that day we contacted and EVERY SINGLE person we contacted was Catholic. I'm just sitting there like :X, like an animal in a cage wanting to make them feel dumb. BUT I didn't. lol I was pretty proud of myself. :P I'm getting better right? :X But that's been my week. Today we went to Pigeon Island to go hiking and some of the missionaries and myself climbed down this HUGE cliff! haha It was actually kinda scary like we were pretty high up :P I'll send pics but ya, that's my week. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Have a good v-day! Just know I love you and can't wait to come back home and start my new life. lol Bye!

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