Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hebrew School, Conacts, and Talents

When Rob was 5, I wanted to look into enrolling him in Hebrew school with some of his Jewish friends. My reasoning was that it would be easier for him at that age to pick up the language. The idea met with some resistance from Rob's siblings, and was never pursued. Who would have thought he would end up regretting that decision? Here are notes from this week's emails, and a few pictures from a P-day excursion to visit a pirate ship docked near his area in Castries: "St. Lucia is treating me well! Here is a link to the video I mentioned last week: There ya go ;). Home has been hitting me hard lately. I don't know why. :P Johnathan is doing really well. He is smart and working on a foundation of gospel knowledge that will serve him well. And I am learning lots. Like, James E. Talmage says that the seven churches [in the Book of Revelation] were just seven branches of Jesus Christ's church. Only seven of them were still practicing correctly and hadn't fallen into apostasy. I'm sure the number 7 is symbolic of something as well though. I got my hands on a New World translation, so I'm picking that apart and finding some of the faults it has. It's interesting, though. They apparently have scholars that translated it straight from Hebrew texts? I don't know how accurate that is, but ya... you should've not listened to everyone else and put me through Hebrew school!!!! I wanna dissect the original text >.< O well, maybe when I get home I'll learn Hebrew. Or make my kids learn it. Lol. That would make things so much easier! Or maybe we can learn it together. I also wanna read a Quran some time. Deep doctrine is freaking radical. There have been many times I just wanna walk into a church and steal the microphone and just start preaching to everyone. lol. As for our investigators, some of them have kind of fallen off the face of the planet this week. Everyone seems to be super busy, but oh well, we will keep on trying. We met a couple of new people this week that we actually set baptismal dates with in the first visit. It was pretty cool. I've noticed that the Plan of Salvation is one of the greatest contacting tools out there. Really brings in a new perspective, you know? But as far as coming to church, a woman named Christina has been coming to church and is going to get baptized this weekend. And this guy named Curtis has come once, so hopefully that all keeps progressing. Johnathan will receive the priesthood this Sunday. He comes out teaching with us every so often, but everybody keeps falling through when we bring him out, which kinda sucks. But he's really personable and does a great job teaching and breaking the ice with people who think we're just weirdo missionaries. Which is nice, 'cause usually that's my job. lol. I've realized my talents out here are fairly unique, but not all that useful :(. I can make us look like normal people and I can shut down anti-Mormons, but as far as committing people to a baptismal date, I suck at missionary work. lol. Miss you guys and hope all is well!ONE LOVE. Platypus out."

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