Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Six Months to Go!

Zone Conference St. Vincent, September 19, 2016

Yesterday was zone conference in St. Vincent, so Rob's preparation day was today. He has had prayers answered and celebrates his 18-month mark in the mission field today. Here are his notes: "Heyyyyyy! We had 2 investigators at church on Sunday. It was pretty cool!  One of them was Casley (the one with the baptism date). The work is progressing well. So check this out! Casley needed work to not only make money but to keep him busy and away from his friends that smoke so we prayed for him to get a job, and lo and behold the next day he got TWO job offers. Haha. So cool, right!? But that's not all. We had a similar situation with Omari and we prayed for him to find work. We got a call during zone conference and HE got a job offer as well! Bahaha. Insane, right? I was saying, 'Hey, if anybody in your area needs a job send 'em to Campden Park and we'll hook 'em up. ;) Haha. No, just kidding, the Lord has been very giving and kind to our investigators this week. For P-day today, Omari took us on a nature trail in Vermont, which I took TONS of pics of, so I'll send those to you later when I have more time. But it was really cool and lots to see! So before we left to go on the nature trail today we were waiting for a bus that Sister Jack had set up to pick us up in town to take us to Vermont. And everyone was waiting impatiently saying things like, 'Man, this bus is never gonna show up!' or 'Let's just take a different bus.' So I stood up and was like, 'Everyone! Where is thy faith!?' Then I stood in the midst of a group of crazVincies and bowed my head and said a prayer. Lol. Everyone was staring at me like, what the freak is this kid doing? All the elders and sisters were laughing, but after I was done I said 'I felt good about that.' And not 3 seconds later our bus comes around the corner. bahahaha. Jackson was like, 'You're so lucky dude!' Haha. Pretty funny story, just thought I should share! But ya, everything is going well here. I think Casley might actually get baptized. But you know me, I never get my hopes up. Lol, too many disappointments. Thanks for thinking about me, and I'm glad I could be of some help to you guys back home. Haha. I think you guys picture me as this super star missionary and I can assure I am not that! Haha. I do work hard though, so thanks for the inspiring words of encouragement. Woot!!!! 18 monthsssssss!!!!!!! Holy crap, never thought I'd see the day. Haha, still feels like I have forever to go, or as my trainer would say 'plenty of time left.' Bahaha. Miss that kid. He was a good trainer. O, so you may not have noticed the pic with the little satchel on my side [see photo below]. This week we climbed a 'Bowlee' tree? I think that how you spell it. Anyways, I took one of the big pods off the tree threw it down to Elder Jackson and went home and made a side satchel with it. Bahaha.  I saw some guy selling 'em in town and I asked how much, and he's like '$85 .' I'm like, pshhhhh ya right dude. I'll make my own!... so I did. Lol. I took it on the trail we hiked today for P-day and it has held up and kept my slingshot, rocks, and camera safely secured in there. People keep asking me 'Where'd you buy that?' I'm like, I made it, mon! I'm basically like a Caribbean version of Link... (from Zelda). You probably don't even know what I'm talking about, but ya. Haha. O Bax! He's a good boy! Just misunderstood! And no one ever sticks up for him...  But hey, do me a favor and pray for me about which college I should attend. Maybe in the temple? Lemme know the spiritual impression you get, cuz I'd love more insight! Thanks! Love u guys! Thanks for the support! Bless up!"

Rob as Link, with tree pod satchel.

Tracting in Campden Park

St. Vincent sunset

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