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Monday, September 5, 2016

Caribbean Dreaming

Hey, this week has been pretty good. we have set a baptismal date with one of our new investigators, its not till nov 19th but we'llnsee if we can't encourage her to move it up. Her name is Asha and she is pregnant and due any day now. We started teaching Jevoni's friend which turned out pretty well lol. It's funny cuz we asked him if he would like to come to church and he just kinda looked at Jevoni like uhhhhhh, then looked at us and was like "O! I didn't bring clothes to wear sorry!" and Jevoni goes "I got an extra shirt. You should come." bahaha. So he came to church! haha. Funny how many investigators have all these different excuses but it's never that they "don't have a ride" or "might have something to do" it's the fact that they just don't want to come. But I'm hoping he enjoyed church. We have another investigator that lives clear out in Vermont (not in the states ;)) and he came to church on Sunday. He had a lot of very interesting questions come up in priesthood. haha. He kept typing them on his phone and handing it to me. haha. little backround about him: the first lesson we had with him was this week, he was a referral from a member, and we were going to teach the plan of salvation, which we did, but he had a LOT of questions so we ended up teaching him the Word of Wisdom the Law of Chastity and the Law of Tithing all in one lesson. lol. Seems like he picks up fairly quickly. Usually you don't really bring those up in the first lesson so it was a bit odd but well see where it all goes. And last but not least, do you remember the guy we saw that had been taught forever by the missionaries? Miss V's boyfriend? Well, he has moved back to our area AND came to church on Sunday! Totally out of the blue. The buses ran late on Sunday so we arrived to church 5 minutes late and I sat down with Jevoni and his friend and Elder Jackson was like "hey check out behind us" and there was Castley. haha. I was like "whoa dude! no way!" Anyway, he had a dream about one of the members coming talking to him about something so that's what inspired him to come to church. We saw that same member at the bus stop while waiting for a bus to go to Fort Charlotte and he's coming to teach Castley with us tonight! #tendermercies. lol. So that made a total of 3 investigators at church today which is pretty cool! I was thinking about something President Mehr taught a while back about how personal revelation is given through dreams a lot in the Caribbean because God knows that's how he will touch these people the most, kinda a cool tid bit of President Mehr doctrine, that guy is a smart cookie. ummmmm Everything else is going ok I guess? I know I still have like over 6 months left so I shouldn't be over it yet but it's just really exhausting, like physically, emotionally, and even spiritually at times. Just cramming your head full of doctrine so you can hopefully inspire someone in a town that thinks very lowly of you... lol. But I love the mission! bahaha. I don't know how people can have that attitude, it's beyond me. Then again most of the people that tell me they love the mission have cars so that might be why :P Anyway, just cuz I'm sick of it doesn't mean I'm going to give up. I'll be plugging away for the next 6 months so don't worry about me. Today we went to Fort Charlotte. I'll send you some pics of it tomorrow. Apparently they filmed a part of Pirates of the Caribbean there so that was kinda cool. I'm glad you guys got the shed finished and a few repairs on top of that! Sounds like Dad and Mike were really pushing out some work over there. I still don't know how Dad does it. He inspires me with his work ethic. It's very cool! Seems like he is always busting stuff out. lol. The natural man can be a very easy thing to fall back into especially when times are rough. I've caught Satan on more than one occasion trying to convince me "Hey! You know one thing that'll never change? Living in the world! You can gurantee that'll be fun!" What he fails to inspire and mention to us is the after effects of living in the world and all the pain and discomfort it will bring after those maybe moments of pleasure. He's a smart guy, that adversary, I'll tell ya. I hope he gains a body so I can sock him in the face one day ;) Just kidding, gotta think Christ-like. Thanks for the encouragement, just trying to stay grounded and do the best I can for the time being. Hope for the best. I've noticed from other missionaries that the work starts getting a lot harder (not teaching just the distractions of Satan) in the last 6 months of the mission so pray for me please :) ok have a good week love u guys thanks for everything! Well,  love u guys!

Photos from
Ft. Charlotte

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