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Monday, September 26, 2016

Winner, Winner...

These are some of the pictures we received on Saturday, without explanation. Naturally, it was at the top of our list of things to ask this week. For an explanation of the chicken saga and more updates from St. Vincent, read on:

"But ya, so Saturday we went to a member's house for service. He lives on this HUGE hill. And we had to pull up some of the flooring and put down some ply wood. Worst part was that there were like 10 'jacks' nests down there. They called their wasps 'Jack Spanners' and they're satanic, I'm pretty sure. haha. Scary little things. But ya, right after that we went to Sister Edwards' to fix her current (electricity) and we had to hammer and chisel out like 10 feet of concrete. It was intense! I'm still sore from that day. haha. Regarding the chicken: Jackson nailed it with a slingshot and I cut off its head with a cutlass >:P It was brutal. lol. We didn't exactly know what to do after that but ya... WE KILLED A CHICKEN. Right as we killed it Jackson was like, "Well... what do we do now?" I'm like, "uhhhhhh we take it home." haha. Luckily a Rastaman was able to help us skin the thing and we took it home and fried it up. lol... Didn't taste all that great. Apparently "wild fowl" meat is a little more tough so you have to "pressure cook" it? I don't know what the heck that is. lol. Sounds like too much work for me tho. lol. As soon as we killed it one of the Rastas goes, "The Mormons got their sacrifice!" hahahaha. So funny! Also hit my 3/4 mark so I found an old pair of pants an elder left in the apartment and burned them (it's tradition). haha. Used a match and some Pam and went to town on it. lol. I'll send pics later. :P On a more spiritual note Casley will indeed be getting baptized on Friday! Super cool! He's gone 2 weeks now without smoking and says he doesn't even have the craving anymore! He's been sleeping with the Book of Mormon next to him and is like half way through 1 Nephi. :O He's so prepared. I feel so lucky that I get to see the final steps come together. It's really cool! Tell Elder Knapp I'm jealous and that I've made a lot of Samoan friends out here in the mission. They are a cool group of people, those guys. Today we went to Dark View Falls and took some pictures at the waterfalls, which was really cool! I'll send you the photos in a bit!  Thanks so much for everything! Bless up! Love you guys!"

Service projects last Saturday.

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