Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pickled Chicken Feet

Rob was exposed to some Bajan culinary culture this week. Here are his email notes on the experience: "Yes, they did serve chicken feet.. and pig feet.... They call the chicken feet steppers and they were pickled. It was probably the most disgusting thing ever. It was basically just squishy swollen skin, if that paints a good enough picture for you. I took a picture too though. I had fun playing with them. Aren't the padres supposed to have like a killer team this year? How are they doing? I'll be soooooo upset if they go to the world series while I'm out here. Troy is doing good. We still haven't asked about baptism yet, but we're getting there. I set a baptismal date for Natalie, so we'll se how that goes!"
Rob then asked for a few items from home, and added, "Things out here are good. I'm starting to miss home more and more and I just pray every night that my time here will just go super fast. I'm working at 100% though. Don't worry, I know this work is important but I'm kinda missing the luxuries of home and the people there."
So happy to get another picture of Rob! No idea who the other elder is in this picture. He mentioned the pickled chicken feet in his email to Roger: "Those chicken feet turned out to be pickled as well. BLAH. I had more fun playing with them than actually eating them. lol. But yeah, hadn't talked to Troy since Sunday so I thought for awhile he was avoiding us, but we met with him yesterday finally and it was really well received - although I guess he is gonna go to the j-dubs church on Tuesday -____-. O well, I like a good challenge ;) Things are good here. That's cool you got to talk in pq2. hope it went well. Gave my talk in sacrament meeting yesterday which I thought went pretty well. Talked on charity. O yeah, got transfer calls and I'll be in Barbados Black Rock with Elder Wilson for another transfer. That's so cool about Lonnie, too! [Our neighbor, who is moving but has been talking to the missionaries here.] Sorry to see him go. If you ever get stumped (which I'm sure you don't because you're both like scriptorians) but if you do, you should take a look at chapter 2 of Preach My Gospel. It's got all the lesson in it and I would suggest just summarizing some of them in your own words. I gotta email others but I'll talk to you next Monday! Miss you guys!"

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