Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Road Tennis, Anyone?

Here is the latest email from Rob. He is having an amazing experience with both the culture in Barbados and his own spiritual progress - in spite of the fact that the dog still gets top billing. His email reads: "Baxterrrrrrrrr! Tell him I love him and miss him! Things here are really good tho! That investigator Troy seems to be doing well. We ended up giving him a blessing on Saturday. I only have a certain amount of time on the computer which is why my emails aren't as long as I'd like them to be. lol But let's see, I got to play cricket on Tuesday (as it was Hero's Day here in Barbados and they had an activity), and I played a little road tennis on Friday to get to know a contact we had. I'm pretty much a boss at road tennis. It's table tennis without the table, basically. I put some pics in :P. The people here are awesome but very hard to teach! lol. This past week especially hasn't been the easiest :/ but I'm still learning so it's ok. Send me some recipes if you can for stuff to cook. I don't know what I'm doing as far as food goes out here. lol. O ya, we'll be skyping around 5:30pm Bajan time and I don't know how the change is compared to California, so ya. Sorry if I don't send a lot. I just don't remember what I'm gonna say when I get on here and we're on a time crunch so I'm like BLAH! bahaha. Maybe I'll start writing stuff down throughout my week to help me remember. One thing is for sure tho, my testimony grows everyday I'm out here. I can't tell you how much I've learned about myself already. Being away from worldly things alone has really shown me what's important in life. I'm constantly learning through the scriptures. One thing that has stuck out to me throughout this week is to really not forget about the spiritual experiences that I'm having. Because forgetting something like that will make you weaker (spiritually) the next time it comes to make the right decision in a sticky situation. I love this gospel and what it does for people. And I love you guys a lot! Can't wait to talk to ya Sunday!"
Rob indicated he had taken photos, but none were attached. In a short follow-up email he said he had tried to send pictures but the computer he was on would not let him. Bajan technology may not be as supportive as we would like, but we are delighted that Rob is well and learning so much. Here are random photos of road tennis in Barbados, not taken by Rob, in case anyone else is as curious as I was. To read an explanation and watch road tennis in action, click here for video.

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