Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Mission, New Companion

Some time in July, Rob's mission will officially change to the Barbados Bridgetown Mission. Eventually he may be transferred to any of the islands in the mission, but for now he will remain in Barbados long enough to have a baptism in two weeks, if all goes to plan. He is really happy to be where he is, and happy with his new companion. Here is his latest email: "Randy is gonna be baptized not this Sunday but next Sunday, and I'm super excited! My new companion is all right, not as gung ho as Elder Wilson, but it's whatever - we still get work done plus he knows how to cook, so that's a huge plus for me ;). I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this week, but I sure do miss you guys and can't wait to come back and share some cool experiences with you! Anyways, things have been pretty hectic because of the mission splitting and all that jazz, you know? Things are good. The rain has let up quite a lot, which is nice , but ya, I'm just trying to keep doing the Lord's work. O ya, I started John in the New Testament recently and I'm like so confused. lol. If you could help me out that would be rad. haha. Thanks. Love to hear from you guys! Keep the snail mail coming. It's much appreciated. Love you!"
This is a picture sent last week, at the caving excursion. No pictures this week. Below is a picture of the shirt Roger received for Father's Day, with a partial map of Rob's mission on it. Rob's reaction: "What the bird? That shirt is way cool! Lol. My parents are more stylish than me these days. haha."
The red circle on the shirt was added in photoshop to show where Barbados is - covered by a lovely tropical flower.

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