Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trucking along in Barbados

No pictures in the blog this week, since I am writing remotely on my iPad and can't figure out how to get saved pictures out of iPhoto. Still, I wanted to share his emails from Monday. Roger gave a spotlight on Rob in church last Sunday, so Rob wrote: "That's cool you got to talk in sacrament meeting. Hopefully you made me look like a stud ;) haha. Yeah, we actually played cricket today for P-day with everyone. It was fun. One thing I learned is that sometimes it's more important to block the wickets than try and slam it out of the park. haha. We found a bass guitar in a shop today. It was so cool! Of course I had to play a little bit but I didn't waste too much time on it. Oh ya, I told mom already but I thought you should know too, I had to buy some pants today cuz mine were all ripping. So if money got taken off the card that's why. Yeah, mom didn't really send me too much bashing material -____- kinda disappointed because I know if she would hook me up with some juicy stuff then I could totally wreck every Bible basher that passes by. lol." Rob had asked me to send him some "deep doctrine" so he could use it in discussions with some of the Bajan Bible authorities he runs into. I sent him a couple of Ensign articles via snail mail, but wrote to tell him he doesn't need deep doctrine, he just needs to stay close to the Spirit and continue to seek to know Christ by reading the scriptures. In response, he wrote: " lol That's a terrible answer! But ok, it's probably for the best. I've been tending to act a little smug this week on my doctrinal knowledge and I think its pushing people away more than its bringing them into the gospel, so it's probably best I lay off of it for awhile haha ;) Been doing ok here, just trying to fufill my purpose. lol I got a complaint that my pants were falling down at church on sunday >.> Oops. So I'm gonna start wearing suspenders (mission president approved it). Hopefully that'll fix my problem. But nothing too exciting in terms of investigators. We're seeing this girl named Leanne so hopefully that goes well. This week has kinda been a flop as far as getting the work done is concerned, but I know I just need to keep trucking forward and I'll see success. Elder Cornish of the 70 came and taught our zone and expressed the importance of member lessons, so if I have any advice for you it's to help your missionaries teach lessons! Helps the investigator feel much more comfortable :P Tell Lyla I can smell her from Barbados and tell Baxter I'll be home soon <3<3"

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