Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Baptism and Conference Weekend

It sounds like a great, crazy, hard week in St. Vincent. We were worried about Tropical Storm Matthew, but it seems to have been not much more than a lot of rain - and some power outages. So happy to get these pictures from the baptism Friday. And so grateful General Conference was available there. Here are Rob's notes for the week: "Heyyyy, so the main conference theme I'd say, for Saturday at least, was giving our will to God's will and asking for His direction in everything. At least that's kinda what I got out of it. I really liked Elder Cornish's talk as well.  That was probably my favorite. But ya, conference was cool. All together I learned a lot. Casley's baptism was really good! So we got a call from President on Tuesday saying that he had to conduct the interview for Casley on Thursday at 6 because of some complications with the interview questions, and we couldn't get a hold of him all day Wednesday! Luckily we got a hold of him on Thursday at 4. Haha. >.< Got him to the church, did the interview. He then told us he was going to meet us at the church at around 2 Friday for his baptism at 4:30.... Well, we got to the church at 11am and the power had gone out and the water wasn't functioning properly. Lol. So here I am filling up buckets of sink water praying the power will get fixed. Casley isn't picking up his phone and it's 4pm. Luckily the power got turned back on and the font got filled up enough to do the baptism, but NO CASLEY! So finally he calls us and is like, 'Sorry, sorry! I'm on my way!' Haha. PHEW! After that everything ran smoothly, but boy o boy was it a stressful experience. We went to go pick Casley up for conference on Sunday but someone had come to his house and beat him up, so he went to the clinic instead.... Don't know what the Lord's hand is in all this but I really hope everything is gonna be ok. We're gonna see him tonight at 6 so pray for us please! As far as the storm: BORING!!! hahaha. We thought it was gonna be this crazy hurricane and we like prepped our stuff and layed low, but it was just a bunch of rain for 2 days. -_____- lame. Haha. Elder Jackson will be going to Grenada on Wednesday and I'll be paired with Elder Jones. I don't know Elder Jones but I guess he's a really cool guy? Just been a really rough week. Seems like that's usually how life goes for me right after someone gets baptized. Been praying to see God's love in my life but since I've been praying for that I've seen a lot of negativity. :/ Never really wanted to go home more than this past week. Six months seems like an eternity some days. Hopefully it'll go fast and I'll do what the Lord needs me to do out here and learn what I'm supposed to learn... patience, perhaps? :/ O well, life goes on! But as far as school goes I would assume UVU would be my best option. I'm going to rely on the Lord with an answer and when I get that answer I'm gonna go full throttle and smash out some good grades. >:P. Determined. Ya, we stopped hunting chickens. Haha. Maybe when Jones gets here we'll have more of a desire. :P  Love u guys! Thanks for all the love. It's just been a rough week. Hopefully it gets better. Hope all is well back home. Tell Bax I love him."

Apparently, burning pants is traditional at the 18-month mark of the mission.

Looks like they weren't burning fast enough. Perhaps patience would be good.

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