Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Coconut Hunting and Pig Roasting

Rob's had a good week, with time spent working with investigators and in the jungle. Some of his comments are explanations relating to the pictures posted here, sent earlier in the week.

We asked Rob which method worked best, using
the pole or climbing the tree.


Here are his notes: "Haha. Ya, it was the bamboo pole that got 'em! Not an easy task, though. Did you see the pictures of us swinging on the vines!? Haha. It was a blast! We were pretty high off the ground. All that rain sure did bring in a lot of green to Vincy! Elder Jones is unique. Haha. He smiles 24/7 and laughs at just about everything. He is a germaphobe and refuses to shake hands and sometimes even give knocks (bump fists? I forget how they even used to say it in the states. That's weird!) Elder Jones has been out for 13 months now so he's still got a while to go. He's from Utah (surprise, surprise). Elder Jackson had a good idea of getting 2 of each of all the flags from the places he's served and his mom is gonna make a blanket out of 'em. I don't know if you would wanna do that for me, or maybe something different. It's up to you. Just sounded like a good idea at the time. Ummmm yes, lots of goats! And lots of chickens. We actually had a pig roast today. I'll send pictures. It was a blast! But no monkeys on St. Vincent, unfortunately! They're the best. Let the Relief Society know I appreciate them putting a package together for Christmas. That is really nice of them. Omari is doing okay. He's been praying every morning and night now, so that's good. I think he was saying his prayers might be getting some answers too, so hopefully he's getting closer to God. The work here is progressing slower than normal, I feel. Not too many people progressing. I had to explain baptisms for the dead AND the three kingdoms of glory to an investigator who said that was holding her back from believing the doctrine that we share. SO, I explained to her 1Corinthians 15 and how the whole chapter is about Paul teaching the people of Corinth about the resurrection because at some point they stopped believing. So he's asking them why they are baptizing for the dead if the dead rise not at all? Using their own logic against them, trying to prove to them that if they are baptizing for the dead then they would HAVE to believe in the resurrection, therefore, signifying that DID exist back then. Then I shared with her about how in 2Corinthians they mention a third heaven and clarified the three kingdoms for 1Corinthians 15 again. It was cool, cuz she understood everything and it seemed to answer everything she had. So that was kind my miracle for the week. But other than that, everything is going pretty well! Tell everyone back home I miss them and I'll see them soon enough! I'm hoping it'll all work out and I do get to bring home some of these good work ethics with me. Thanks for the uplifting words. Sometimes I feel like I can take a lot, until I run into the scriptorian on the street who knows everything negative about the church. Haha. Then I humble myself a bit. Things here are getting a bit repetitive as far as the people we see. We are trying to build a new teaching pool through referrals from others because I've realized that's where the most success comes from. So hopefully that all works out well. We're actually teaching Casley's dad on Tuesday, so I'm hoping that goes well. He was taught by the missionaries awhile ago and somewhere there was a miscommunication about the right to baptize and how he seemed to think that we believe that Joseph Smith was the only one who has ever had that authority. So I'm thinking we'll go over the great apostasy with him to let him know about the time gap, and hopefully transition smoothly into priesthood. We'll see how it works out! Pray for me! Thanks for all the support. I appreciated it! Hope you guys have a great week! One love!"

The promised pig roasting pictures.

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