Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Still in Vincy, New Comp

Rob is staying in St. Vincent with a new companion, Elder Jones. No new pictures, so I've included some from a previous P-day adventure. Here are his notes from today:
"Heyyyyy! Another week, another email. Vincy is going pretty good, actually.I have really enjoyed the past few days with my new comp, Elder Jones. He is cool, and interesting guy. He smiles a lot! Omari is doing... ok. Haha. I don’t know,  we’re going to see him again on Wednesday. He’s gonna take us on a tour to collect some fruit so that should be fun! Casley’s baptism was quite the adventure, but hey, it got done so that’s what matters! I know the Lord is preparing me to become who I’m supposed to be. And ya, I was actually pretty disappointed about the hurricane, I thought I was gonna have the opportunity to say I survived a hurricane on my mission! Lol. O well, what can ya do? I hear Haiti got hit pretty hard, though! :/ That’s too bad. And yes it’s so true, it goes right along with counting our blessings. If we sit and think about all the things we’ve been blessed with we’ll have a new found look on our somewhat negative situation. Easier said than done though. I guess, sometimes finding the good in a bad situation can be tough. I really appreciate the snail mail you sent me with the in depth looks on King Benjamin’s address! I wanted to use the Alma scripture as a reference but have been hesitant because it would mean that Mosiah 2-5 would HAVE to have been in a jubilee year, so I’ll be studying that for the week most likely! I haven’t taken as many good pics yet this week! I’ll take more throughout the week, though. I’ll send one of a Vincy funeral going on while I’m in a bus. It’s kinda crazy. For funerals here they parade down the streets and block all the roads with rum in their hands and just stumble and chant with their hands in the air yelling crazy stuff. Hahaha. It’s hilarious! I wanna be buried in St. Vincent, I think ;) lol. Just kidding! I don’t know about school yet either. :/ Hoping to get a prompting sometime soon. Maybe its’ somewhere I haven’t checked yet? I’m sure sooner or later I’ll be able to make a good decision. For right now UVU sounds right, so I say let’s try and see if i can even get into that, and if it doesn’t work out then try for something else. :P I have plenty of days left. I’ll try and stay diligent! If you can just send prayers my way I could use all the help I can get. Thanks! :)Love you guys. Bless up!"

Rob's picture of the funeral procession taken from a bus.

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