Rob is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the West Indies. This blog will contain his letters home. He is doing a great work, and would love to hear from you!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Gouyave Tour, Work Ethic

It was great being able to talk to Rob on Mothers' Day yesterday! After several attempts, we finally got Skype to work with both audio AND video, so it was amazing to see him and hear all about his most recent adventures. He loves the little fishing village of Gouyave (pictured above) and his companion - who made him dinner while we talked. Although he is certainly not suffering, the work is hard and a bit discouraging. Here are his notes from today's emails: "Heyyyyyy it was so cool talking to you guys yesterday!!!! You should tell everyone about the time we got to talk [3 hours!]. hahah. Elder Lameta got a bunch of time too, apparently his mom posted on facebook how much time he got. lol! It was soooo cool today, our branch president took us on a tour of Gouyave in the real bush area where all sorts of fruits are growing! It was sooo cool. We got to go around and see all the trees and cross rivers and hear stories behind it all because he used to live there. We had such a good view of this huge forest area! haha. His house isn't there anymore but he knew where all the cool spots were. I forgot my camera however... :( Sorry about that one. haha. On the way we found 2 huge crabs that had lodged themselves together, but they were either fighting or mating, one of the two, and were conjoined in their shells. lol They were making weird hissing noises, too. haha. It was fun. We got rained on pretty hard like you guys were saying. I'm excited for it to be normal temperatures again. haha. Well, I miss you guys a whole bunch and love you. Thanks for helping me take care of school stuff and staying in my corner to pursue that. I hope we can get the ball rolling and everything will work out the way it is supposed to. One thing I've learned out here is the hard work it takes to be successful, and I'm more than willing to put in that work. One other thing I learned at the self-reliance meeting on Thursday (even though we were really only there for investigators, lol) was that when working for a company I always had the mindset of put in work and get paid, but a new realization came to me earlier and that is to take into consideration the betterment of the company you are working for. Put in perspective of how you can help that company become better because you are a part of it, you know? But ya, just a thought I had this week. But anyways, thanks for everything and the support and being there. I really do appreciate it, so thank you. Poor Bax. He doesn't get the royalty he deserves, I feel... Less than a year and I will come home and spoil him rotten ;) I don't think it's healthy NOT to think about the future though, you know? Isn't that why they started implementing this program for returning missionaries in the first place? I think it's a good idea to plan, but yeah, I won't let it take control of my time. :) Yeah, I'm sure it will be much more cool to look back at it all than in the moment, but that doesn't mean that it has been a bad experience, just difficult. But only the good things that are worth keeping are difficult, so I just gotta keep working through it and trust that the Lord knows what's best for me. :P Thank you for the prayers, thank you for EVERYTHING. You guys are a tremendous help on the home front! I mean it! So thank you. Miss you guys a ton! Hope all is well ;) I have a feeling when I come home you'll be sick of me within a few weeks and want to get rid of me, but we'll see. haha. I will go and I will do! Thanks again!"
Since Rob forgot his camera, here is a picture from the Internet of sugar cane fields in Grenada. Yesterday as we Skyped, he showed us some sugar cane they had been given, and how they eat it - stripping down the outer shell with their teeth, then chewing and sucking on the sweet cane.

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